Public Meetings

Public Meeting #1 Summary

The River North-Streeterville Transit Study Public Meeting was held on August 13, 2014 at the Loyola Lewis Towers (Streeterville campus) from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. A total of 37 members of the public attended the meeting, in addition to 4 members of the media and 12 TAC and staff representatives. A PowerPoint presentation about the study played on a loop every 10 minutes and project exhibits providing background information were available for review. Attendees provided feedback through several activities around the room. These activities included a set of maps that allowed people to place dots for their typical origins and destinations; a map that allowed the public to comment upon potential ‘good’ and ‘fair’ corridors suitable for improved transit within the study area; and both an electronic employee and resident survey on several available laptops. Study staff and members of the study’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) were also available to answer questions.

What Attendees Said
Comments were collected in a variety of forms at the public meeting. In addition to the two map activities, attendees also had the option to submit general comments via hard copy or email. A total of 24 map comments and five comment forms were submitted. Six emails were also sent to the project email address. We heard a great deal from residents and employees of RNS, and all of these comments are being documented and considered.

Here are some key themes:

PowerPoint Presentation

The following is a list of exhibits that were on display at the meeting:

In addition to the exhibits, laptops were available for attendees to take the study’s resident or employee surveys.

Maps from Public Meeting #1

Dots on map indicate attendees’ typical origins

Attendees indicated their typical destinations on the map

The public gave their feedback on potential corridors for transit

Media Coverage:
Overall, the meeting received very positive coverage in the media.
Below are links to articles about the meeting:

Next Steps
Data collected through the surveys at the Public Meeting will be combined with survey data from the summer of 2014. These will be incorporated into the analysis of study area issues and potential alternatives. Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings will be ongoing through 2016 in anticipation of a Public Meeting #2 in winter of 2017.