Pop Up Meetings 3 & 4

In April and May 2015, the project team hosted two pop up meetings that showcased 13 alternative transit paths. Participants were asked to review the list of 13 alternatives and place a star on the routes that would be most useful to them. Check out the results of the Alternative Transit Paths Poster from each pop up meeting.

Posters and Pictures from Pop Up Meetings #3 and #4
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Pop Up Meeting #3 results

Pop Up Meeting #4 results

Pop Up Meetings in spring 2015 had participants learn about alternatives and give feedback


Forty-eight stars were placed on the alternative transit paths activity during Pop Up meeting #3. Of those stars, 39.5% of participants marked that the Loop Link + Michigan or Fairbanks Avenue would be most useful to them. The Chicago Avenue path was the second highest path, which received 27%. The third highest ranking transit path was the Grand/Illinois + Blue Line Connection, which received 12.5%.

Results were similar for the fourth Pop Up meeting. The meeting had thirty-five stars to indicate most useful alternative transit paths. Almost thirty-two percent (31.5%) of people said the Loop Link + Michigan Avenue transit path would be most useful to them. This was followed by Chicago Avenue (20%) and Grand/Illinois route (17%).

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Pop Up Meetings 1 & 2

In June 2014, two pop up meetings were held to discuss the project. The first of our pop series showcased the project, what the study would accomplish and people’s thoughts on having better transit connections to the River North-Streeterville area.

The first two Pop Up Meetings in June 2014 enabled residents, employees and visitors to learn about the project and what improvements should be made.